Horses traveling for races and competitions are prone to viruses intruding their systems. Viruses can change rapidly so that vaccines are difficult to develop. The ultimate seems having the ability to activate the immune system in a natural way by enhancing the effectiveness of the internal organs and processes.

A race or competition costs the body an enormous amount of energy resulting in a low energy balance and a body left with acids in the cell environment.
In that situation viruses may attack and even secondary infections can take place while the immune system is not well able to fight back.

In such situations Immunall has proven to be a great help, avoiding
worse conditions of the horses.

Immunall is used by prominent racehorse trainers and known trainers throughout the UK and Ireland. It is a great benefit in the same way for horses competing in any of equestrian disciplines.

John Mackie
Race Horse Trainer

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I started using Immunall on a horse of mine that was competing at 4* level. He was affected by a very rare form of self immune hepatitis. For a few months, under suggestion of the best vets available, we tried to cure him with steroids and various other strong drugs but we didn’t get any positive results. I was so despaired that I was prepared to try anything to save my horse. At the point my physio, John Warwick, suggested Immunall. Already after one month of treatment the horse felt better in himself and the liver profile in the blood test was improving. At that point I was convinced that Immunall is a very good and effective product and I therefore started to use it on all my event horses that compete at top level. I noticed in all of them an increased energy and concentration level and a more relaxed frame of mind. I do really think that Immunall is a great product that helps the horses to perform at their best.
Susanna Bordone
Olympic Three-Day Event Rider, Italian Champion

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I am delighted with the results of Immunall and find it very effective on horses that run below par.

Mrs. Jessica Harrington Ireland

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Thank you very much for discovering Immunall! It has done wonders for all my horses. After spending time working in many top yards around the globe I have found this to be best product I have ever come across to bring a horse back to full health! Any horses that for one reason or another are not thriving seem to pick up almost instantaneously from being put on this stuff. It clears out any mucus in their lungs after a number of days and after racing the amount of time it takes for my horses to stop blowing has halved and recuperation time after racing is minimized. My horses now look great and are eating better than ever! I would have no problem in recommending this product to anyone.

David Myerscough
Myerscough Racing

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Wanted to send you yet another update on Le Santo & my mares.
Still on Immunall, as I stated prior he will never come off.. I also put my mares on it too.

Let’s start with LE SANTO - at 24 years old, Le Santo has bred 14 mares to date this season & every mare got pregnant on ONE breeding. Yep, ONE time inseminated only. I was told prior to my getting him, he had a low conception rate his whole life. Well, i figured i would try to FREEZE him. Yep, low numbers & 24 years old. WELL IT WORKS! First mare bred to him frozen is in foal.
well, then, there ya go! its the Immunall.

Now case by case of the horses I used it on:

1) 6 yo Oldenburg mare. Has a major bad allergy to bug bites. Put her on it, doing much better. Also had colic surgery from large foal, Recovered super fast with no problems. again, I used Immunall to help her over the hump, and her foal was on it as well. He is huge & had no problems at all.

2) 12 yo SF mare. This mare when purchased is a major train wreck, nervous issues & ulcers. Bred her 2 times PRIOR to using Immunall did not get pregnant. Put her on Immunall, and bred her to Le Santo. Not only did she get pregnant she had twins, we pinched one & the other is fine. She is due in January 2008

3) 1986 Hanoverian mare. a 21 yo mare that had major breeding soundness issues I was told. I purchased through a friend and paid by the pound from meat packing plant. As soon a she got here, I put her on Immunall IMMEDIATELY. Not only has she recovered 100% from neglect, she looks wonderful and was bred to Le Santo and was pregnant after only 1 breeding with no flushing or anything. She is due January 2008.

4) 16 yo imported West. mare & International Grand Prix jumper winner of over 150K.). Paloma is 16 years old. When she came to me, they had been trying to breed her for 2 years without success. I put her on Immunall immediately. She got pregnant after 1 breeding to LeSanto. She is due January 2008

5) 18 YO Holsteiner mare. this mare was another one I purchased through a friend and paid by the pound from meat packing plant. As soon a she got here, I put her on Immunall IMMEDIATELY. She was dirty, had fluid dripping from her vulva, just a breeding train wreck, low Progesterone levels, the whole 9 yards. I didn't think she would EVER be breeding sound. She has recovered 100%, She looks wonderful, full of dapples, and was bred to Le Santo FROZEN and was pregnant after only 1 (pre & post ovulation) Breeding. She is due March 2008

6) Foal born this year. Had CBC done, blood work was all out of whack. vet told me to put her on antibiotics, but I had already started Immunall at birth, so I did not do the antibiotics. Foal is now about 4 days old, never used antibiotics, CBC done again today, blood work is 100% normal. Vet is amazed.

7) I had a bad cold in December right before Christmas. felt crappy, full blown sick fever the whole 9 yards. I decided to try the Immunall. after 1 day, YES ONE DAY I felt 1 million percent better & had a wonderful XMAS (but it does taste like crap)

8) 16 YO Hanoverian mare. bred 3 times this year, PRIOR to Immunall. did not take and needed to be flushed every time with cloudy fluids in her. Put her on Immunall. I just bred her to Le Santo a few days ago. This time no fluid retention, no need to flush, just bred & came home so hopefully in 2 weeks she too will be pregnant!

9) 20 year old mare. was bred last year 6 times to never get pregnant. I got her & put her on Immunall. Bred her to Le Santo one time. She is due March 2008.

10) 11 YO Trakehner mare. I tried it on her, because she has a low immune system and sarcoids. this is the only case where I saw no results. I was hoping for a perky personality change, fewer issues with not feeling well, etc. did not work in this case.

As you know I have told a lot of friends who are now also using it, Leigh S., Juliana W., Karen E. They are all excited to have the same results.


Lisa Dworkin
Irish Hills Farm

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I just love Immunall. I gelded my 6.5 month old twin (with failure of passive transfer) with much trepidation having heard some dreadful stories with immuno-compromised babies. However, I boosted his Immunall a week prior to gelding and left him on it until everything was healed. I'm thrilled to report that he made it through the process with minimal swelling, no problems and no antibiotics! He'll be 8 months on Christmas Day. Immunall will be a part of his life until he's at least a year.

Another success... I had a mare who was 2+ months post-weaning develop signs of mastitis. Swelling on one side of udder and a temp of 102.8. This is a mare who has done a lot of antibiotics in her life...since coming to me I've tried to "hardy" her up a bit (I'm not a big fan of antibiotics) and have been quite successful, so I was dreading the call to the vet and the Rx I knew that was coming. As it was late in the evening, I decided to give her some Banamine and a 25cc dose of Immunall and see how she looked the next day. 24 hours later, temp was almost normal and swelling was a bit better. After 72 hours, with daily dosing of Immunall (and only the initial dose of Banamine), temp is normal and her udder looks fine! I will keep her on Immunall for the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for bringing this wonderful product to the US market.

Donna Harrington
Talley Research Group
277 Cascade Drive
Mill Valley California 94941-5025
415 389 9945
415 383 2156 fax

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I have been training Standard Bred Horses for the last 9 years. The different products I have used to ‘try’ and help a horse to stay on top of their job would fill a page if I listed them. However since starting to use your product Immunall, I have found the horses to hold their ‘peak’ for longer. The recovery from a race is phenomenal, within a very short time the horses seem to be ready to go again. The next day, they all ‘eat up’. I believe your product is that good, I do not really want to let my rivals in on the ‘secret’!

Paul Holden
Staffordshire UK

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I have trained race horses for many years and have seen many products but Immunall is the one improving the health of my horses and bringing them to the level of their maximum abilities.

John Mackie
Church Broughton
Derbyshire UK

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Tested, trialled and Highly recommended by the Chairman of the National Veterinarian Physiotherapist Association.
Mr. John Warwick

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I am sending this note to tell you that we have had a pretty amazing result with the use of Immunall on one of my mares. My Rohdiamant mare developed a terrible case of hives in 2002 that ended up as hard, raised bumps on both sides of her neck and also on her back. There were about 20 bumps on her right side and almost 70 on the left. The bumps were about the size on the tip of a woman's little finger, and felt like they were calcified. Over the years I asked vet after vet about them. Some suggested surgically removing them and others said to leave them, but none could tell me what they were or how to safely get rid of them.

I started Rohanna on Immunall in late July. She is a mare that really looks dragged down by her foal, even though she is in good weight and fairly young. I had such great results with Rubizza (a viable pregnancy for the first time since 2003) on Immunall that I figured it might help Roh's condition, too.

The week after I started Rohanna on the Immunall she started rubbing her flanks as if she was terribly itchy. A few days later, the bumps that were on her back started to flatten. In another week those bumps had disappeared. Then the bumps on her neck started flattening from back towards her head. She now has only a few bumps left on the left side of her neck and most of them are flattening. I fully expect her to be entirely without those nasty bumps very soon.

Just thought you'd be interested in this. The bumps really detracted from this lovely mare's appearance. I could not be more pleased.

Mary Lou Winn

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Just wanted to write you a quick note and let you know that my twin foal with pneumonia and abscessed lymph node has rebounded nicely (recent pic attached). Within about 4 days of putting him on the Immunall, the abscess finally came to a head (after more than a month of growing). It took almost a month to completely drain, but his body seems to have beaten it and he is frollicking about as a normal young colt should. I've decided that Immunall will be a regular part of his life until he's at least a year old :-)

I'm just about to begin the weaning process, so I am putting both boys on Immunall to help their bodies cope with the stress.

Can I go ahead and order another 1000ml bottle direct from you? I think you have my address and CC # on record? If so, please go ahead and charge away :-)

Thanks again!
Donna Harrington

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The Immunall worked! After 1 week at 20 ml/ day the snotty nose was significantly improved. Two weeks later, no sign of snotty nose or cough!

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I have some brilliant news this morning.
Our 20 year old Irish Draught mare was confirmed in foal this morning, Yeah!
I am so pleased that she is finally in foal at long last, it's taken almost 2 years!
Without the help of your excellent product I feel we would have never got her in foal.
I think it's amazing that a herbal product works so well, I'm a true believer now!

Thanks again!

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Having used this product for a trial period of 2-3 months with several different horses we have found horses on Immunall hold their condition better. Consequently they take their racing better and are able to race more frequently with improved results. We have also established that horses on Immunall are able to utilise their feed more effectively and therefore need less.
It has brought CROSSBOW CREEK right back to winning level!

Mark Rimell,
Rimell Racing

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I am a fan of Immunall. I had a rough breeding season last year and this year I was willing to try something new on a few of my difficult mares. I heard about the Immunall and spoke with Edgar from Immunall and several vets. My repro vet said it could not hurt and I should give it a try.

I started three of my problem mares on it and two caught on the first attempt. The third mare hung on to a follicle forever and I could not get semen shipped for another insemination. That mare did catch on the next cycle and all three are still in foal. Coats look great, I am pleased. The most thrilling part for me is that one mare that had been Regumate dependent has been successfully carrying this foal ( she is at 94 days) with just the Immunall.

I did not use it on 4 of my younger mares - I was anticipating that they were the easy ones. 2 of them caught on the first attempt. The other two after three attempts each I finally wised up and put them on the Immunall also. I find out next Tuesday if they are finally pregnant. If they are then next year I will be having a truck load of Immunall delivered and the entire herd will be getting it.

Genevieve Ghilotti

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We used it on a mare that had been open for three years and then spent an entire summer trying to breed with daily vet care at a top breeding farm to no avail. We were told the mare would probably never get in foal. This year we gave her the Immunall dosage as recommended on the site and she settled on the first cycle, twinned, and absorbed one so we now expect a singleton in March! We are now giving it to all mares we intend to breed and to any one who has undergone unusual stress, taken antibiotics, or had any kind of ailment. I cannot say enough good about this product!

I have become a believer. I have a wonderful mare that failed to conceive for the last few seasons, despite clean culture/cytologies, biopsies, etc, etc. This year I put her on Immunall about 3 weeks before trying one last time. I am knocking on wood a I type, but she was in foal at 30 days. We'll check her next week at 60 days. She looks wonderful, dappled and younger than her years.

Mary Lou Winn

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I can't say enough good about this product. I had a true lactational aenestrous mare(every other year if nursing-no cycles) Following the advice on dosage and usage, for the first time in 7 years, this mare IS pregnant while nursing!!!

I also used it on a maiden mare that had a red bag and the local vets thought she would probably not take this year. She settled on one cycle.
Used it on an injured yearling colt that was having a proud flesh issue. Within a couple of weeks, the cut was healing nicely without the proud flesh.

Maryanna Haymon

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We've use it for a variety of reasons. We used it on our DWB mare who is older, borderline cushings and a bit hard to settle. On the Immunall - she had a normal cycle - even twinned and is 70 days in foal. She also LOOKS fabulous. We've used it on other horses as well to "clean them out". I recommended it to a man who was at one of our Dressage Clinics. His WB was JUST NUTS. Looked like he wanted to get out of his skin. I suggested he try it and gave him some. He doubted the horse would eat his grain with it. The horse ate it - licked the bowl and has been a normal horse since.

I started my 22 yo GP school master on it and she is FINALLY shedding that cushings hair she keeps all year and looking much better over all.
We bred 3 ponies and gave it to them - should know if they took over the next couple of weeks.
I believe it has a variety of uses and worth the try.

Friends have a young mare who they thought had an ovarian tumor she was just horrid about contact on her body. After 3 weeks on Immunall - she's accepting leg contact and leg aids without bucking or kicking out.

Ilona English
Summit Sporthorses

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We got introduced to Immunall by a friend and were explained it would help a stressed / depressed horse and that it was herbal. Without knowing many of the benefits we started using it on some of the older horses and on the busy breeding stallions. Within a week we noticed an increased vitality, brilliance in the older horses and an increased libido in the stallion. The stallion became easier to collect and the semen quality appeared to go up.

Now, after having used it on 5 of our stallions for 2 breeding seasons we have noticed a definite increase in progressive forward motility and density especially early in the year. First cycle conception rates have gone up for the shipped semen and on our herd. We bred 26 of our own mares, 25 are pregnant, 22 with one insemination, 2 with 2 inseminations and one not pregnant after only 2 attempts.
Some mares that normally need to be on Regumate to maintain a pregnancy did have an improved tone after using the Immunall and have maintained pregnant.

We discovered it also increases the effectiveness of the immune response. We had 2 sick foals after weaning with 104 temperature and they were sluggish and lying down. I pulled blood and found it was not a bacterial infection. I gave them 10ml at night and in the morning and the next day they were normal acting and without fever. It also rid a group of yearlings from pigeon fever. A group of 7 fillies had 4 beginning cases of pigeon fever; one had a pretty big puss pocket on her chest already the others smaller ones in several places. We fed them as a group with 70 ml Immunall on Alfalfa/Oat pellets. The worst case got an extra 10ml for 2 days. All were done with it in a week after which we fed them the Immunall for a few more days. It never returned which was incredible for a disease that often needs to run its course over 3 months. Needless to say we are using it on all our breeding stock around breeding time and our foals around weaning time. Our show horses are getting it too and are less tired and can concentrate better at the end of the shows. We have a lot of faith in Immunall and count on it for increased health and performance during the breeding and show season.


Edgar Schutte
Rainbow Equus Meadows
California, USA

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The Irish filly who had a persistent cough and runny nose from shipping fever in December is now symptom-free. Ahme no longer has a cough although she has been taking SMZ’s as well. My mare who refused to get pregnant all last summer is now pregnant on the first try- with twins!
One has fortunately been re-absorbed. Is it the live cover or the Immunall?

Now, I have just put in a new order. We were just given- yes, given- a three year old TB mare by a Storm Cat son out of a Cryptoclearance mare. She has been tying up whenever asked to "breeze". So, into our little broodmare band she goes. I will try breeding her to a pony stallion this year- she is 15'1 -and see what happens thereafter. At the very least, she can be a recipient mare for my performance mares.
I haven't seen her yet, but am sure that the magic brew will do much to ease the trauma of racetrack training.

She arrives tomorrow. Please get the potion to me as soon as possible!

Michele Sakurai

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I just wanted you to know I put my 16 yo DWB mare on this and we'll see if we can settle her on the next cycle. But have to tell you SHE LOOKS FABULOUS! Really - she hasn't looked this good since I bought her 7 years ago!

I'll be ordering more of this product.


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