nOCD/After Ace

nOCD/After Ace is a new product from Immunall made from 100% natural ingredients known to be helpful with muscle and joint soreness. nOCD/After Ace aids in the release of toxic waste build up in the muscular system and in the joints, causing inflammations and restriction in movement.

These waste products often settle in the muscle tissues which are not rich in blood flow in particular the parts attached to the bone and in and around joints. This might cause pain and less movement and also inflammations in mid to long term, or even calcification of the ligaments.
It is also thought that waste products, being acid, have a negative effect on the level of hyaluronic acid in the joints which in turn causes the soft cartilage to calcify and possibly form Osteochondrosis (OCD). At the same time more wear and tear will appear in the joints as loss in freedom of moving.

nOCD/After Ace is thought to bring the acid balance back in the muscles and joints thus keeping down inflammation and avoiding calcification of the ligaments.

Herbs in nOCD/After Ace help to reduce inflammation and help to quickly reduce the level of toxic waste in muscle tissue and tendon tissue. (Harpagophytum and Hypericum)
Other herbs such as Ilex and Betula help to move toxic waste away through the blood system and urine system.

Urtica helps to stimulate the cells to release the uric acids into the blood system to be transported away.

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