Health Benefits

Immunall is an all natural horse supplement consisting of natural herbs for horses. The potent blend of natural herbs in Immunall enhances the health and stamina in horses. Immunall is a safe and effective herbal nutritional supplement for conditions like horse skin problems and equine Cushings disease.

Immunall’s natural herbs also have anti-inflammatory properties which act as natural herbal pain relief for horses. Click here to learn how Immunall’s all natural herbs work to supplement your horse’s pain relief therapy.

In the healthy horse, Immunall’s natural herbal blend is designed to boost the immune system and improve the horse’s general condition. Healthy horses are less stressed, have a greater immunity against infection and experience faster muscle recovery when using Immunall as a natural herbal nutritional supplement.

Breeding horses are also benefiting from the natural herbs in Immunall. Click here to read real testimonials from horse breeders that have experienced increased fertility in broodmares and stallions with Immunall.